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About MaisEV:

Top of mind among the brazilian online poker players, MaisEV is the leader in the national market, providing the most updated news, enlightening debates and articles from experts.



Data from Google Analytics. Period between January 28h and February 08th, 2015.

Gráfico Analytics MaisEV


Top poker websites worldwide:

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Ranking PokerScout

Audience profile:

Results from recent internal research.

Gender: Male – 99%

Age group: 18 to 25 – 60%

Scholarity: Higher education incomplet – 56%

Online poker players: 95%

Already deposited: Yes – 86%


Who already invested in MaisEV?




Exposition areas:

Traditionally, we work with a system of banners, available in every section of the website.

Home Exposition:

1) Top banners in 468×60

2) Slide show in 420×320 (empty space in the left column for miniatures)


Exposicao na Home

Forum exposition:

3) Every topic in our forums have top banners in 728×90


Exposicao no Forum

Exposition in other areas:

4) Top banners in 468×60 (same rotation as home)

5) Side banners in 225×100

Exposicao nas Noticias



MaisEV provides several options of investment, among them, the banner system. In this system, the invested value defines the exposition frequency. All other items are commercialized by unit:

– Presence in our Newsletter or Fórum.

-Sponsorship News, Tweet, Facebook Post or Sponsorship Article.

-Place in the Top Poker Rooms, Event Coverage and Take Over.

We also offer discounts for multiple items and deals with a minimum of three months.

Learn more about this and other marketing products by contacting us on [email protected]

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