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Aqui você pode encontrar respostas a dúvidas sobre o funcionamento do fórum. Use os links ou a caixa de pesquisa para encontrar o que procura.

Upload Policy

In order to upload images to Galeria de Fotos de Poker, you must agree to the following rules:

  1. All images are the copyright of their respective owners.
    You may not use any of the images on Galeria de Fotos de Poker for any purpose without the permission of the copyright holder.

  2. You must own the copyright, or have permission from the copyright holder for any images you upload to Galeria de Fotos de Poker. Uploaded images do not and will not infringe on any rights of any third party, including any trademark, copyright, patent, trade secret, right of privacy or publicity or moral rights of any third party

  3. You may NOT upload any images containing material that is of pornographic nature, illegal, defamatory, threatening, obscene, harmful to minors, promoting racism, hatred or discrimination of any kind. Images may NOT violate child pornography or child sexual exploitation laws.

  4. You may not upload any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or this website.

  5. By uploading an image,
    (a) you grant Galeria de Fotos de Poker permission to use the image on any Galeria de Fotos de Poker page or page


    (b) you agree to indemnify Galeria de Fotos de Poker and hold Galeria de Fotos de Poker harmless from any and all claims and expenses, including attorneys' fees, arising from the image and/or your failure to comply with this policy.

  6. The decision of the Galeria de Fotos de Poker moderators on removing content or banning users is taken by the moderators and is final.

Any images found to break these rules will be removed with no warning. Anyone who uploads an image that violates our rules may be banned from using Galeria de Fotos de Poker without any prior notice.

In the case of violation of our policy, we may share any and all information we hold on the user concerned with any interested 3rd parties. Child Pornography related issues will be reported to legal authorities without exception.

If you believe one of our members has uploaded images to Galeria de Fotos de Poker that break these rules, please use the 'report image' link so we can take appropriate action.


If somebody is using a picture that you uploaded, we suggest that you contact the individual who posted it. Unless the image violates our policy, we're not able to remove images if you don't own the copyright of this image.

As a general rule, do not post images on Galeria de Fotos de Poker, if you are not comfortable having others viewing them.

Pesquisar no FAQ

Selecione esta opção se você deseja que sua pesquisa procure no texto dos itens da FAQ, assim como nos títulos.

Selecione uma opção aqui para especificar como deseja que sua pesquisa seja tratada. 'Qualquer Palavra' retornará o maior número de possíveis resultados relevantes, enquanto 'Frase Completa' retornará apenas resultados que contenham exatamente aquilo que você pesquisou.

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